Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Habit's.

A wholesome habit to nuture in a child is gratitude. Gratitude is what you are thankfull for or more similar happy for or made you happy. When asking my daughter this today she said  "going swimming with my dad and making breakfast myself'.

Now today was the first day she has ever made her own breakfast and I very easily could of focused on the negatives. Like nearly a quarter of a pack rice bubbles on the floor and butter not only spread on toast but the whole kitchen bench.

But gratitude is something I practice as a yoga teacher and mum. I try to make sure I notice the things that would otherwise go unoticed or the focus could be negative. It is so easy to turn a positvie into a negative. So making a conscious effort I praised my daughters breakfast making efforts. She was so proud of her self and was smiling from ear to ear. How easily I could of destroyed that by criticising her for the mess she made. I did have to stop and think, but yoga teaches you to do that and your children as well.

Love and Light Rebecca xoxo

Monday, January 4, 2010

aussie yoga 4 kids: The magic of affirmations and song.

aussie yoga 4 kids: The magic of affirmations and song.

The magic of affirmations and song.

As I lay on the trolly half-sedated waiting to be taken into the operating theatre to have radical open facial sugery for a bone tumour, the doctor said they had gone over my results and it looked like the worst-case scenario; bone cancer. I focused on my third eye and sang a song to myself, which I sing with my daughter. It's an affirmation I lernt from the Radiant Child Program: "I am brave, I am bold, My own spirit I can hold." At the time, that was all I could remember. The tumour was benign.

My jouney has been challenging, as some of my medication still gives me nausea, keeps me awake at night and makes me feel lethargic. But yoga builds resilience and soothes the physical and emotional symptoms. My yoga teaches me to trust myself and believe in myself even in my lowest times. It's the little things that you often take for granted that yoga teaches you to enjoy. Yes I am brave and, I am bold, but without family and without yoga I am neither.

Love Rebecca xoxo