Sunday, December 27, 2009

The strength that yoga provides.

Hi my name is Rebecca Atlas and I am the creator of 'aussie yoga 4 kids'.

Yoga inspires us to just do it. Dont wait until tomorrow. Grab that mat now. Be the best you can be and do the best you can do.

Yoga and being a mother changed my life. Both made me realise how amazing the world is and that I wanted to enjoy and make the most of every minute.

As with most things, the younger you begin, the easier and more familiar it becomes. Yoga has helped and continues to help me through life's challenges. It teaches me to focus on the wonders of the beauty of the journey.

The spirtuality and mindfullness of yoga have become very imporant to me. I have had to deal with many big issues with my health, as well as the loss of my first daughter from a brain tumour. Using the tools that yoga and spirtuality bring to my life has helped me to treat every day as a new day with the best that life can bring.

So bring on the yoga , I say. Not only for adults but for our future: our children.

Love Rebecca xoxo

(Me and my 4 year old daughter Giselle)

aussie yoga 4 kids